Not long to go….

So not long now, 14 days (10 working ones) in Alliance Atlantis. Its amazing to think I’ll have been there for 6 years!

I’m not sure if I had any expectations going into the job. Just needed away from the hell of the previous place and well something to get out of the house for as I had just broken up with someone.
In any event it was pretty much perfect (if a little rocky at first) but truly I’m not sure if an office can suit a person any better than that office suited me. After the many many many emails from the early jumpers will attest, I shall in their wake repeat, I have made friends there that I hope I will always have.

So having seen me through various chapters of my life from my cousin Kierans death, my grandmothers illness and eventual death, my relationship with Louise, my nephews babyhood (he’s now five) and many many other chapters, it really was a rock for me. To go in there day after day to people who cared about me and who I cared about. I cant say we felt we set the world alight with what we did on a daily basis, but I know we all felt we did what we did brilliantly and had one hell of a laugh on the way.

From the wreckage of last Dec/Jan when we realised and digested the news of the sale and closure.. or transaction as we (didn’t) like to call it, I have been given the opportunity to move to Amsterdam and work for CBS. Doing what, I’m not too sure, bit of this .. lot of that…. tad of the other I expect, but its an amazing chance and one that, for the most part (at least 72.4%) excited about.

I officially start on the 25th March and hope to move over on the 22nd March.

This, I’m hoping will be somewhere I can leave my thoughts of the experience.

Seeing as its now late… and there are many days to come… I’m off to bed!!!



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