Me no likey the Estate Agencies in Amsterdam

As I mentioned below; found a cool apartment on an agency listing … it looks great.
Well the photos look great, annoyingly there are no photos of the bathroom or bedroom, but the sitting room and kitchen look lovely and it is central, with a washing machine and internet.
It’s pricey (well not really) but all the bills are included which is great.

Anyhow conversation went something like this

Called them on Friday and the girl there was very relaxed… said she’d send me more information on Monday.

Monday came no information.. so I called at lunch…. Oh you have to register, and no there are no other pictures.…

ok I said, I’ve tried to register on Friday and to pay by credit card.

Yes we have a fault with credit card machine… you need to do a bank transfer and re-register…..

So I leg it to the bank and come back,

Now you need to fax your passport and letter of offer….

So I do that.
Now is it all ok?

No sorry, the registration didn’t come through can you do it again….


Now is it all ok?


Excellent may I book a viewing (a friend works on the street the apartment is in and said she’d view it)


Why not?

I’ll have to call you back


So I wait and I stew a bit….. then I decide to call back as I am not sure why I cant make an appointment to see the apartment.

Much waiting on hold…..

Same lady… obviously now thinks I am some forma of lunatic.
Reason I can’t make an appointment?
We don’t have the keys and can’t get in touch with the person who is living there and moving out, as soon as we do i’ll let you know.

That’s a little bit better…. she also said that no one else has viewed the apartment.

It’s a strange system they have, it seems to cost nothing to make an apartment available and the same apartment can be on several agencies books.
But to rent an apartment you must pay €40 to register with them, then if they “find you” an apartment you must pay them one months rent (+19% VAT) for their hard work.
Then you pay the usual one month rent deposit and one month rent in advance.

*fingers crossed*

I really like this apartment.


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