Good News – Bad News

So…. following on from the apartment saga…. Episode IV!!

I got a call this morning from the agency… .
We have the keys, can we book an appointment for Wednesday
(Wednesday being the only day my friend is NOT in town)

Eh Wednesday is bad, could we make it Thursday?

We could but there are others who will want to see the apartment on Wednesday, it’s very popular.
(I love agency tactics)

Ok well what do you suggest?

We could hold the apartment for you.

Excellent, how would that work?

Well you could pay us the deposit….. and then it would be held.

Ok and if I didn’t like the apartment or if there was something wrong with it?

We would find you another….

So LEAP of faith… fuck it…. I paid the deposit (thanks Elaine) and Prina went to sign the letter of intent with the agency.

In fairness (yes i am nuts) but the sitting room and kitchen look great, the bedroom and bathroom can’t be that bad!! The location is perfect and the rent is ok… with bills included.

So … yeah…. apartment done (I hope) keep the fingers crossed!! 🙂


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