Packing seems to be the hardest word!

Back in my mums, I note that there are 12? days left till Amsterdam.

Still thinking about the shipping ….
I didn’t think i had enough stuff to warrant shipping stuff over, but as I look at my crap… perhaps I do.

I have been really good though, and have gone through everything and thrown out rubbish and given books/DVDs/Cd’s/clothes to charity… so all that’s left is …. still lots of stuff.

I have about 4/5 boxes of things that I would “like” in Amsterdam.
I could always stick with plan A being, bring what I can after each visit home….
Think I’m just worried that for the first few weeks I’ll be homesick and wont have my stuff around me….. 
Perhaps at the age of 30 I should just grow up.

Pictures of the apartment for those not on FaceCrack Here!

Mum surprised me today, she said she’s giving up cigarettes the day I leave Ireland…
Something about a pact with god….. this worries me!
(I’m glad she’s considering quitting all the same)

Had a small going away drinks on Friday,
somewhat tempered by the fact that I had to be home to mind sprog the next day….
His mother was going out Saturday night (left at 10am Sat and came back 5pm Sunday) 
But more drinking will be done at another stage. 
Also my round-the-clock-on-call-babysitting services are soon closing so all advantage must be taken now 
or lost for a while at least.
Still we had fun, if you call 13 games of hide an seek, 3 star wars movies, 
numerous lightsaber fights and some odd questions at bed time 
(where does your poo go when you are dead) fun!!

So I’ve made one collection from Dublin (house and office –
yes Cam I did take the wicker basket and PC finally, hops still has her leather jacket there tho)
and I have another one to pick up tomorrow (kitchen and remainder of room stuff)
I move out officially on 15th!

Swinging wildly between looking forward to all this to come and wondering am I totally mental.
Trying to learn Dutch the Dutch (being free) way…. Laura Speaks Dutch Podcasts
(available from the omnipresent iTunes and

So far my phrases extend to:
“Its a little bit cloudy”, “Can I have a coffee”,
“Thank you for listening” and “Are you Mrs Petersen?” 
Not forgetting the phrase I learned from Catriona, 
“This man is bothering me, but its ok as I’m on the pill”  
– essential no doubt

Sitting in the really cozy sitting room in Mum’s, fire blazing and what Met Eireann are claiming to be the worst storm of the winter raging outside…..
Think I’ll find something on Sky and settle back!

Tot Ziens!


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