So the summer continues!

Weather’s been great (mostly) looking out the window at the sun.

We had a strange few weeks, my colleague was in an accident two weeks ago, nearly lost here leg. A British bus driver pulled out and turned without looking for bike traffic and crossed a bike crossing mowing my colleague Cathrine down, she tried to jump out of the way but it was too late. If you can read dutch click here

Despite the accident I am still cycling, I now take a shorter and while a little scarier, an actually safer route to work. Oh and I found a way that the last (and most hated) dangerous crossing has been cut out of my trip. I don’t know yet whether I will continue cycling after Aug 17th…. we’ll see, I think its good for me but its not easy and I like my legs.

Going home on Friday after 7 weeks! My longest without seeing my mum in quite some time… looking forward to seeing whats been done with the house.

We had Pride here this weekend and Catriona’s 30th birthday, we had a great weekend despite being locked out of the house for a short while and having to pay 100euro to get a new lock fitted.

Check out more here: Album 1
Album 2
The weather while being lovely is quite heavy, and I’m quite tired all the time. Its nice having Padraig here, I think he’s a little disappointed there’s not more people to go out with at night but its not really a student town (during the summer) so most of the people out are older and working mon-fri.

Still trying ot get into the work mode, not sure its happening …. I like it here just not sure of the job! Its ok, actually you know… the work is grand, the atmosphere here sucks tho. I miss AA but there you go!


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