there is notwist to the tale


So last night I was introduced to an amazing group, German band called Notwist, performing with the Andromeda ME Orchestra in Paradiso WOW….
I have a thing for rock bands (although in this case it was Rock and Electronica) with Orchestra’s. Part of my love for Sigur Ros… is that rock with amazing delicate notes. Last night I was delighted to see a Harp on stage (no there was no pint of bass, smart asses). I love the Harp and Harpischord … weird I know…. which reminds me of Dustin OHalloran.

Nightlife here still exhausts me, I mean its remarkably peaceful for a city in which the pubs serve until 4/5am during the weekends and nightclubs seem to go on until breakfast, take that Dermot Ahern. Here is proof that turfing everyone out of the pub at the one time, rather than allowing people to chose when to go home and filter out accordingly is the far better option.

Really looking forward to my holiday… 8 weeks and I will be in New York with Catriona, can’t wait. Really looking forward ot having time to explore the city unlike the last rushed visit where I saw nothing only a New Jersey outlet mall.

Thinking about Catherine today, she will have to have the leg amputated….. and today the Metro began working again, although I think that for as long as the weather remains half decent I will stick to biking. I’d like to try the “shorter” Dam Square cycle on the way home but not sure I am brave enough just yet. Morning is one thing, but I dont fancy doing that route back in the evening.

Must be homesick, considering leaving RTE online on after the news to see a bit of the Rose of Tralee…. perhaps I need an emergency slap! Its been in my head since mum mentioned it at the weekend, the usual Irish Mammy, “you know its the end of the Summer when the Rose of Tralee is on” I actually like Ray Darcy on the Rose, he’s a big Queen (well for an Irish mucker) and very Bitchy

On the topic of RTE news, I enjoyed the piece on Drivetime this evening about the blogger room, sponsored by Google at the Democratic Convention in Denver today, sofas, sweets, soft drinks… google seems big into tooth decay!! 🙂
Not too sure about all the “hype” surrounding the US elections, I mean yes its a big country and yes its a rich country…. but really… I heard a soundbite from some US celebrity stating that this was the most important election in history… REALLY? That’s taking it a tad too far for my liking.

Had the best cup of tea this evening …really good….. just needed to say that!

Anyway…. ad break over… back to good ole RTE News, six months of BBC brainwashing has formed a deep appreciation of RTE One (Radio and TV). Well at least thats my current excuse, other people might say Im showing my age, Morning Ireland, Liveline and Drivetime…. its a little bit middle aged of me … but I dont care… pass me my knitting!

Final disturbing note…. An Taoiseach Brian Cowen TD singing ‘Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore’ at the Fleadh Cheoil in Tullamore


2 Responses to there is notwist to the tale

  1. sineadkeogh says:


    Popped by for a read to see exactly who this twitter elf was, discovered myself on the blogroll. Lovely of you :).

    I like the random exile tales, keep them coming. I’m incredibly nosey like that.

  2. Elf in Amsterdam says:

    @sineadkeogh – thanks, glad you had a nose around. hope you don’t mind the blogroll add, I like your blog and its a reminder to me to read yours and write mine…

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