I know how you feel

Had visitors this weekend, it was cool, I like being able to show the city to people. I was nervous about leading four people around the city on bikes, especially since one is a teen and one doesn’t cycle in traffic. Anyway all in one piece we managed to get around.

Didn’t realise that I pass Het Rembranthuis each morning, lol what a blind mofo I am.
Found some other good shortcuts that are useful, I like that (after 6 months) I understand where most things are in relation to others… bout time really.

A mate of mine had a very bad experience with taxi’s this weekend, while moving some bags via taxi (something she told the dispatch office about upon ordering it) the taxi driver that arrived was not a happy bunny. She packed the taxi, being careful not to damage the taxi, and on the way he was rude and abusive. She panicked and just wanted out so kept quiet until the end where on her rush to get the stuff out she said to him that she just wanted to “put as much distance between them” this seemed to be the wrong thing to say (amazingly). He than began kicking the boxes and hurling abuse, the last piece of which was, I hope you die tonight. Charming!!!

I’m a softie, two things each year guaranteed to bring a tear to my eye are the Leaving Cert and its results day (its such a rite of passage) and the First Day of School. Listening to RTE Radio 1 the other day I heard a recording of Gaybo reading a poem by John D Sheridan about a child’s first day at school. Have a listen if you know of a little one that headed off, or pass it to your mammy, you know she’ll like it.

Loving the neighbourhood of Straat & Dijk – Haarlemerstraat and Haarlemerdijk, its where a mate of mine is moving and its really cool. Actually as its a 3 min bike ride from me its just as much my neighbourhood. Another thing I love about Amsterdam Centrum, its just so cool everywhere. I mean so is Dublin but things just seem more accessible here. Perhaps its just that after so many years in one city do you stop looking around, get stuck in a rut?

Still liking the cycling, its helping that I can listen to the radio (RTE/2FM) in one ear on the way.
Been trying to pick up the courage to come home through the old town, its lovely, I did the route once with Christine but its scary and there are more people wandering out in front of you and more risk of coming off the bike. Still eventually I will get the courage up

On the topic of accidents, went to see Catherine on Friday, she had to have the amputation.
She was in “good” form, but she’s such a private person that it wold be hard to know really how she’s doing. I think she’s pretty amazing.

Ok I have more than this drivel to put out on the intereb, but I wanted to make a post and my brain is fried, I’ll try some photo posts this week too.



One Response to I know how you feel

  1. backpedalbrakes says:

    Amsterdam taxi drivers are rotten, rotten, thieving bastards. They made me appreciate my bike so much more!

    S&D is such a cool area, as is Lindengracht/Noordermarkt a wee bit over. Winkel on Noordermarkt has the best best best appelgebak I've ever tasted in my life.

    So, so sorry to hear about your friend. Terrifying stuff. Hope she's recovering okay.

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