Shiny Happy Things

Things I want:

Course it would help if i had an ipod nano! – the new ones are nice tho!! 🙂

Time Capsule 1tb
Running out of space on my (borrowed) 500gb drive – sorry!!

Philips Living Colour Mini Lamp
Seemingly winters here are darker and more miserable than at home (don’t see how that’s possible) so this might help! My excuse and I’m sticking to it.

And I dont really want this… but it does look fun…. for 10mins
USB Real Thumb Drive

Things I’ve done:

Had some lovely me time last night:

Beer and Biterballen and a nice quiet read in the evening SUN!! (those reading in Ireland need to be reminded that Sun is the yellow orb that used to be in the sky, before CERN harnessed it to make those lazers they are busy firing at each other)

At the weekend we painted this mural on my nephews wall (all thanks to my lovely GF who designed and masterminded the whole thing)

I also saw him in his swimming lesson – next Micheal Phelps I think (no family bias at all… nooooo)

Anyhow… theres a few things that are making me shiny happy these days!


One Response to Shiny Happy Things

  1. Shano says:

    Good to hear you are happy and well in somewhere that is not Ireland. I tried telling this to people all my life. There’s more to life then that green clouded over rock!

    The blog is looking great by the way Clair.

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