Yes they did….. and so did I

Ok I know old news and you are sick of it….

But I’m not and its my blog so ….tough.

I LOVE this video… its playing in a loop on my iTouch and in my head.

Wil-i-am – Yes we can

I have been allowing myself the luxury to go back over some of my favourite Obama speeches, without the fear of the “Hope reality check” being cashed. In so doing I have realised what I see of myself in Obama, and it is the reflection of your best self in someone that attracts you to them.

I find parts of myself in his ideals and theory’s. Like Obama I was raised in what would be termed a broken home, my mother could not give me money or status, but like Barack’s family gave him, she gave me love, education and hope; the hope that I would be able to make my life better.

His speech in Wisconsin in February, held the main ideal I was given from my mother in terms of self belief, of course she didn’t use words like this (these are Obamas words), but none the less this was her sentiment.

Nothing will happen unless you begin to hope, and by hope I mean imagining, fighting for and working for what did not seem possible in the first place. Things wont change if we wait for some other person, or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

This sense that I would have to make it for myself, that I should study and work and get a good job, because I was the only thing that would pay my bills, and give myself the life my mother never had the chance to have.

I remember very clearly the talk she had with me, after a parent teacher meeting when I was about 12, telling me in her own words that I had to do this, not for her or the teachers or my friends, but because I was the person that could change my life. No one was going to drag me along, I had to get up and do this. And if I didn’t want it for myself, if I couldn’t dream of it for myself and work for it for myself, then no one could help me.

Its partly that drive, to give myself as many opportunities as I can handle that landed me here.

I knew that my industry was looking weak in Ireland and that I wasn’t likely to get a good job in the sector by sitting around. And when I had almost begun to lose hope in finding anything, this appeared concrete, but it meant a risk and several losses and way more permutations than my brain could reason out.

So I hoped for the best, and thought if I work at it I can make it happen.

There are many days ………… and then I think, Yes I Can.

So in the words of the man least likely to become president elect of the USA, be the change you want to see in the world. Its only when you dare to hope that you can make something good happen.


There will be a catch up post soon and a New York post, with photos (my girlfriends photos that is)



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