Knowing MeMe – Knowing You

Dont know a soul

Yes before you complain I know its not pronounced like its written!

Anyhow, the ever lovely Rick OShea in his post on Friday said he Would Like To Meet 5 fellow bloggers at the upcoming blog awards on 21st Feb.

I am really looking forward to these awards, not as someone asked cause I have a possibility of winning one. I will not even make nominations, and that is fine as I’m not really a proper blogger. But really cause in the last year of reading these blogs, and in the last seven months of being on twitter and chatting to many of these lovely folk on a more daily basis, I have made some really meaningful connections (at least to me) and I am looking forward to putting voices to words! 🙂

So to the MeMe Batman!

Rick O’Shea – I’d be a horrid liar if I said I wasn’t looking forward to meeting

McAWilliams – The person who features highest in my tweet cloud and to whom online is a real family affair

oh gosh why did I decide to do this…..

The NationalLottie – Lottie’s blog is fun and funky and interesting. I love reading what she’s been up to and she’s found the time to call in to mine and say hi

Prototype of a Person – Sinead gets excited about the same things as me, and when I read her blog I am hopeful that if I can stick to what I want to post and stop navel gazing, I may have a good blog too.

This is What I Do – Darragh has been keeping this blog about as long as I’ve been “keeping” mine, with one difference, he uses his and makes it great. I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

People I REALY REALLY want to see too, but I only had 5 choices are

CatherineAlexiaMarie, Ben, Damien, Tommy, Sinead and about a hundred others!

See you in Snork! :).


One Response to Knowing MeMe – Knowing You

  1. Sinéad says:

    That’s so sweet. Can’t wait to meet you! 🙂

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