Bloscars ’09

(c) Donncha O Caoimh

The 4th Irish Blog Awards took place last Saturday the 21st in
Cork International Airport Hotel

(Otherwise known as “some internet thing, you know like the twatty website” – by my mum)

It was my first Blog/Twitter Event, and it wont be my last!
Its been a (lax, badly run) year since I began this blog and 7 months since I began on twitter.

I never thought I would meet anyone from it, let alone loads of very cool, lovely, funny, amazing, madcap, fantastic, charming, welcoming, sweet, sexy, gorgeous, intelligent, inspiring antos as I did at #iba09

Wow! Bloscars are amazing!

I have no words really to describe it other than Loved

loved the hotel
loved the photowalk (@fontfidler’s)
loved the cocktails
loved the schwag
loved the videos
loved the sausages
loved the twister-castle
loved the ceremony
loved the awards
loved the grandparents
loved the presenter
loved the genius behind it all
loved the polaroids
loves the hair
loved the wedding dress
loved the polystyrene
loved the interviews
loved the’s
loved the wine, women and song
loved meeting my daddy and baby daddy
loved all the sponsors

And Loved all the Winners!

I met so many cool people, and I know I’ve only remembered a tiny weeny few, but believe me you all left a huge impression on this little elf!

Bloggers Roadtrip 09 – Amsterdam!
Anyone is welcome so long as you don fly WhineAir



9 Responses to Bloscars ’09

  1. franhollywood says:

    My first time at a blog event too, your descriptions of the people attending are very apt. What an eclectic crowd. I Really enjoyed. Love the image of the awards table and thanks for the link. Hell polystyrene can be interesting at times.

  2. Sabrina Dent says:

    I AM AMAZING! Elf says so 🙂

  3. elly parker says:

    Oh-oh…. I booked our flights on Whineair for our trip over before everything went to shit at the awards! Say you’ll still meet me on the 7th, pretty please? 😉

  4. Sinéad says:

    OMG Elly gets to visit you before *I* do!?

  5. elly parker says:

    @Sinead – One can’t help being better than one’s inferiors! *looking down nose*

    Plus, I had it booked before I met elf, so I just press-ganged her into meeting us for dinner!

  6. I loved the being too scared to say hello to people ;0)

  7. Rick O'Shea says:

    I’m sexy apparently…. *adjusts tie*

  8. @Sabrina – that you are!

    @Elly – just this one time… *slaps wrist* but no more WhineAir ok?

    @Jen – you mean I wont be seeing you till next year? 😦

    @Sinead, well you gotta be pretty fast to beat Elly into something, she’s one fast dame! 😉
    Now get booking tickets young lady.

    @Xbox I know, I still feel both embarrassed and amused that we both sat looking at each other, thinking, “hmmmm… could that be..”

    @Rick, lol, you never miss a trick!

    Ps, keep eyes pealed! there will be some changes announced soon on this blog! 🙂

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