Elf’s Drinky Links (I)

In what would seem a time honouredlink postblogger tradition, I am (lost for something decent to post and so) posting my own linky love.

I call this Elf’s drinky links as I am currently an Elf drinking (its Friday) and I will try and share a drink recipe with you each week. Tonight the theme drink is my standard drink when out in a good bar, Whiskey Sour and just so you can do it with panache, here’s a vid.

Ok now we are all liquored up…(everyone except Tommy) I will begin.

We all use Twiter to solve problems, well I do, and now… so does Obama

Who says technology makes us lazy?

We all think Firefox is cool, but now we know its 100% ice cold!

With the new domain on the horizon I’m obscessed with WP and things to tweak it with

Want to know if anyone actually looks at the links you tweet?

One of the coolest, nicest guys blogging in Amsterdam, and he doesnt like the Saturday’s either.

Leuk, Koel en Lekker **

Taking the anti-whingebox award is Twitter’s Niall H, with 10 reasons the recession is good

Two beautiful posts on Mammy’s and the love they give us

On the topic of family and love, Allan Cavanagh‘s nephew has a love hate relationship with lemons.

And now, as I swirl the dregs of my whiskey sour, amd mumble those immortal words

“You never loved me Jr” I leave you with this

G’night John Ross….

**Cute, Cool & Tasty


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