Amsterdam Cool: Moodwall

Design is a BIG thing here in Amsterdam. More than in any other city I’ve experienced Amsterdam prides itself on its creative community. Its great to have a policy that really cherishes small companies that want to create new and inventive ways of looking at the world and doing business.

Outdoor design is also really promoted, and in the suburbs there is the space to try out new things, from cool bike shelters to crazy parks and walls. Recently unveiled the Mood wall is just that, a 24-meter long mood wall consists of 2,500 led lamps and a video system.

The standard urban wallpaper video program on the wall is alternated with an interactive program that responds to passing pedestrians. the project was initiated to increase the sense of security in obscure passageways in Amsterdam’s bijlmermeer area. Its located on the okkermanviaduct, adjacent to bijlmerplein 395 [bijlmermeer].

Talk about concrete enhancement of ones living environment, the mood wall, a concept concocted by Urban Alliance, a network of industries specialized in lighting solutions for public spaces. Urban Alliance is a collaboration of designers and developers – Studio Klink which does architecture and design; Illuminate, specializing in interactive lighting and video content; and Cube Architects that specializes in building design and development.

The tunnel’s screen is stretched out horizontally so that the images are better viewed from the side, and outside the tunnel, which makes people want to view it from the outside, and also prevents the tunnel from becoming a loitering spot (at least in theory).

The official statement from Urban Alliance “The Moodwall is located in a pedestrian tunnel and interacts with people passing by, improving the atmosphere in the tunnel and making people feel happier and safer. The interactive urban wallpaper is made from 2500 LEDs behind a ribbed semi-transparent wall. The curves in the wall make it less vulnerable to graffiti and improve visibility.”

Moodwall 2

Moodwall 1


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