World Wide Weird

March 9, 2009

Possibly the strangest site….. but certainly the coolest header…

Click and see what happens! 🙂

Strange site..... cool header!

Strange site..... cool header!

Yes its rubbish fun Monday


Your Sh*t don’t fly with me….

March 9, 2009

From my mate Stacy….. who obviously found this sh*t on the Onion

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

Dimanche Relaxez-vous!

March 8, 2009

Sunday Chillout!

Last night was fun, was lovely to see Elly & George, poor Elly had bad back pain so they got an early night. Sharon and I went on to DM’s  “I love the 80’s” party… fun!

Woke up at a decent hour, all considered (made it to bed around 4.30am) and thought, yeah! get ass in gear, get groceries done… really be productive!

A Slow Bicycle Ride - Sunday

A Slow Bicycle Ride - Sunday by Amsterdamize, on Flickr

Fail – Bike @ Sharons…. oh well a walk would warm me up!

So quick breakfast and shower and hour later sees me walking up the Prinsengracht to get my bike back.
Have been having a hard time at the weekend managing my food intake / sugar levels, so as it was nice and sunny and I had passed the place a billion times without going in, decided to go for a coffee in Coffee Company on Haarlemmerdijk. Its such a cool cafe (need to stop saying coffeeshop, but its just so natural for me) there are LOADS of plugs, free wifi, and of course coffee. Its also really sunny and just THE best people watching place! Next time there will be photos!

I will have to rethink my current media/camera config. As if I’m listening to radio on the phone via 3G I cant take photos with the camera. Not too into taking a second camera with me but, there are so many cool things I want to record here. So many cool shots I could put on this blog or just on my flickr, I really need to think again. Any suggestions?

A Slow Bicycle Ride - Sunday

A Slow Bicycle Ride - Sunday by Amsterdamize, on Flickr

Went shopping, in AH on Westerstraat, it made sense as I was passing it, and refuse to use AH on Haarlemmerstraat (its badly stocked and laid out and just rubbish) Westerstraat isn’t much better, no fresh bread rolls, and it looked like that was the norm for them. Shouldn’t have been so lazy, have discovered I like AH on Elandsgracht, much better stocked, more cash desks and there is a Natur Winkle, Etos and some cool artisan meat, bread and cheese shops on the street too.

Anyhow, got home and it was so lovely and sunshiny,  I remembered why I loved living in this apartment last year. Its so bright up here. I forgot that during the winter, as leaving in the dark and ghetting home in the dark has just been depressing. I am looking forward to summer again.

I was in such good form, I even cooked, and I made enough for lunch tomorrow!

So excuse me while I go clear up and pack my lunch for tomorrow. 🙂

Hello Goodbye

March 7, 2009

Quick Post:

Tonight I get to go to dinner with the first blogger to get to the ‘dam** Ellybabes & her lovely hubby George!
Looking forward to it! 🙂

Then I am going to the first goodbye party of our crew here! Donna Marie.
I’ll miss her spirit and madcap party attitude. Her great smile and her open mind.
She just takes everyone as she finds them and has such a wonderful heart.
Also she’s the perfect foil to the effervescent Keith!


So Long, Donna Marie, and “listen here” it wont be a good bye… see you in Dublin.
All you Dublin heads, go visit her in the all new River Island Mega Store opening on Henry St.

Tell her I sent ya!

**Okay the trip was booked before we met at IBA09

Elf’s Drinky Links (I)

March 6, 2009

In what would seem a time honouredlink postblogger tradition, I am (lost for something decent to post and so) posting my own linky love.

I call this Elf’s drinky links as I am currently an Elf drinking (its Friday) and I will try and share a drink recipe with you each week. Tonight the theme drink is my standard drink when out in a good bar, Whiskey Sour and just so you can do it with panache, here’s a vid.

Ok now we are all liquored up…(everyone except Tommy) I will begin.

We all use Twiter to solve problems, well I do, and now… so does Obama

Who says technology makes us lazy?

We all think Firefox is cool, but now we know its 100% ice cold!

With the new domain on the horizon I’m obscessed with WP and things to tweak it with

Want to know if anyone actually looks at the links you tweet?

One of the coolest, nicest guys blogging in Amsterdam, and he doesnt like the Saturday’s either.

Leuk, Koel en Lekker **

Taking the anti-whingebox award is Twitter’s Niall H, with 10 reasons the recession is good

Two beautiful posts on Mammy’s and the love they give us

On the topic of family and love, Allan Cavanagh‘s nephew has a love hate relationship with lemons.

And now, as I swirl the dregs of my whiskey sour, amd mumble those immortal words

“You never loved me Jr” I leave you with this

G’night John Ross….

**Cute, Cool & Tasty

Marge liked her cherry chapstick!

March 6, 2009

Fresh from After Ellen – Home of all good lady loving media things!

Simpsons matriarch Marge Simpson locked lips with her friend Lindsay Neagle in “How The Test Was Won.”

Read the rest of the article here

This too shall pass…

March 5, 2009

Well actually it wont, but it will ebb away again for a little while.

Anyone who’s spoken to me for more than half an hour in my life will know I am unashamedly…….

Baby Crazy!

Been so for as long as I can remember. I have wanted to do a variety of things in my life, from being a Montessori teacher (too openly gay), to a writer (ha!), and an airline attendant (too short), to a radio dj (voice to high pitched), a computer programmer (utterly crap at maths) and even Ireland’s first female Taoiseach (USI would have had a lot to answer for)

Many as you can see have been put lovingly but firmly to rest… excepting one…. and given my “lifestyle” you’d be forgiven for thinking I have kept the hardest one on….

I want to be, nay I shall be, a mommy.

There are so many stories around this, and I know that this will not be the last time you have to (skip over) read my ramblings on this topic. Mostly I keep it under check, except for the totally spontaneous exclamation* of “Doh Doh Doh”  when I see a baby, or a fresh one as I can sometimes be heard mewing… as my head follows it magnetically…

I don’t know where it came from, only that it feels to me completely innate, to me its the most natural expression of the core of what I am about on this planet.

If you are
A: wondering why I would need to say this.
B: somewhat surprised that I feel like that.
C: mildly worried about what the hell the kid would turn out like
or even
D: vaguely curious as to how I am going to go about this.

I will,  I am sure in the fullness of time answer all these questions, most of which I share with you.

As I mentioned this compulsion has been with me from year dot. I think I was one of the few 8yr old’s who compulsively watched BBC documentaries on pregnancy and child birth. I have in my hardrive every one of BBC’s Child of our Time shows. I buy and hide baby books…. and I terrify many people on the vastness of my bizarrely acquired, rarely asked for yet freely imparted knowledge on the topic.

So why say it today? What brought this banging to the surface tonight as I sit here at my laptop…..

Last year I turned 30, and my plan had always been 32…Insha’Allah, that I would start a family. I hoped I would be in a loving relationship at the time, and I am and *fingers crossed* will remain so, as I love her dearly. That said this is such a vital part of me that I probably would have tried to make it work had she not come into my life.

In the last 48hrs, 6 of my friends have either announced the birth of their babies, the imminent arrival of same, or their intention to pro actively go about the conception of same…. it was like being slapped in the face with a wet… nappy.

And by the power of oestrogen!

(Note: Implied Tundercats Roar)

My biologically clock came back from the snooze and began clanging loudly in my ear!

As you can imagine, this will, ahem, take a bit of forward planning…. and while this will not by any means become a Lesbo-baby-diary, I will keep you appraised of the situation.

If anyone has some words of wisdom, yelps of concern, condolences for my gf, offers of help??
I have …womb… for you all (badum-tish!)

So there you go…. don’t say I hold back.

*Thanks to all my lovely Twitter mates who helped thaw my brain freeze, and who will be mildly suprised that the question I asked related to this! @darraghdoyle, @allancavanagh, @lexia, @stiofainod, @jentertainment, & @damienmulley