Review: Giant Blue Hand @ ARK

March 16, 2009
Giant Blue Hand

Giant Blue Hand

Yesterday, I took the nephew and his best mate to Dublin for the day. We had planned to see the Big Blue Hand in the ARK. Last year I really wanted to take him to “Beware of the Story-Book Wolves” but what with moving to Amsterdam, and tickets being more popular than I thought it never came to be.

This year I was a bit more organised, and on hearing the adverts on the radio I decided to book the tickets fast. With a bit of to-ing and fro-ing we got the dates sorted and told the boys.

It was good timing all the same (depending on your idea of good) as the Denny Family Day Out was on Sunday too.

Anyhow, after a train ride, where the boys were amazed at a teen aged girl applying eye makeup, who they proclaimed to be a Rockstar, we were on our way to the ARK in Temple Bar. Cue: many many questions on the route, I’m glad it was almost our saints day, cause two 6yr olds would try the patience of many saints.

Finally at the ARK and after a short wait, we get seated in the round. I have to say the theatre is fantastic, as are the staff. The play began and it was everything I had hoped it would be. There were many levels of the play, and some things went over the heads of younger kids, but kept the parents and older kids entertained in a family friendly way.

The play is dark, and being a play, with real children that the younger audience can relate to and believe in it packs a solid punch. The themes of love and loss and fear and triumph, were well treated with the addition of with a good laugh thanks to some toilet humour and an action packed sword fight to round it all off. It is aimed at the over 7’s and while I brought two 6yr olds, I do think that any younger than 6 would find the play a bit too much.

The cast were amazing, and as predicted Aunt Farticus Fume was both the most impressive and almost the scariest character after the eponymous Giant Hand. The younger cast members were the real stars, and very believable as they carried the majority of the story.

If you have a chance to beg, borrow, steal or just bring a child to this do. Tickets are selling fast and with good reason. The ARK plays are always a treat and this one is no exception.

Advertisements Patricks

March 4, 2009

I once heard a friend saying that the highlight of her childhood St Patrick’s Day Parade, was a young fella on a donkey, followed by a hay truck loaded with freezing young wans doing a boxreel to stave off frostbite, all capped off with a few shiny tractors and a milk lorry being washed down the streets with sheets of driving rain. Fun!

And while the weather cant be upgraded, its not the case for the festivities, especially in the larger cities. I can only speak for Dublin, but I loved the advent of the week long celebrations. So much to see and do to shake off the deep winter blues. I’m looking forward to introducing my young nephew to some of it this year! 🙂

And this year we have another addition to what will hopefully be an annual photoblogging/blogging community event


Pixie Ireland’s answer to Flickr, has been working with the organisers of the Irish St Patrick’s Festival on a huge photo sharing project to help document this year’s festival in photos from the perspective of those attending. The aim is to invite everyone bringing their camera to this year’s events to contribute their photos to the official St Patrick’s Festival group so that the experience can be shared with people from all over the world.

This is such a cool idea, its brilliant to have photos from so many all in one place, to be able to experience the festival through so many eyes. I love looking back on everyone’s photos of Pride, every year, the things you missed others spotted, and just another viewpoint on the whole occasion.

To celebrate this new venture, has developed a competition, details to be announced. There are fantastic prizes from Canon with a total value of just under €1,800, these are very generous prizes!!!

But that’s not all, for the St Patrick’s Festival parade on March 17th, they are having the St Patrick’s Festival Pixie Party:

  • 20 bloggers and photobloggers will be invited to watch the St Patrick’s Festival parade from a vetted viewing area. Each will be given an official wristband to gain access to this exclusive VIP area.
  • 4 bloggers and photobloggers will be invited to watch the parade from the Festival Grandstand.
  • 2 photobloggers will be invited to join the world media and take photos of the parade from the elevated position from the official open topped Media Bus which is positioned on the parade route.
  • 2 Pixie users will chosen (subject to a security check) and given a Golden Pass which provides exclusive access to the parade route on the day. Only 12 Golden Passes will be issued this year to the international media and this is the first time photographers outside of the national and international media have been invited on into the parade route. This is HUGE.

So how can you get in on the act?

Write a blog post, post a photo on your blog, link to, re-tweet for @stpatricksfest and even if you dont win one of the amazing Canon prizes or the parade passes, there is more!

To celebrate the Guinness 250 year anniversary, the Guinness Storehouse are inviting 250 Pixie users, bloggers and photobloggers to continue the Pixie Party after the parade and join in the fun at the Storehouse’s annual Paddy’s Day festival on March 17th. Just go to the blog here and declare your interest!

Fore more info and special twitter announcements follow @stpatricksfest and @pixie on Twitter for more information and news about what is going on. (Hashtag for St Patricks’s Festival is #spf09)

Hawt in the City!

March 2, 2009

Very cool!

Today I spotted on mainpage

Hawt Cark Post Boy

Hawt Cark Post Boy

Corklangerdan’s post about how Cork has “honoured” US President Obama by naming a street in the city “after him”

Barrack St in the city centre is the street in question. Pity we didn’t pass through it on our #iba09 photowalk.

I love the supposed text that Obama sent….

“The text reads  ‘thnx 4 de shout out lds, nce 1, dat a hurley stcking outta de wall?”

Anyway, nice work Dan!

Note that todays post is about Dutch – Irish relations…. lol, how topical for me!